Terms And Condition

1. Only members & family members of the Registered member are issued JRF E-CARD/Card.

2. JRF preserves the right to amend the rules & regulations as and when required without any prior notice.

3. Discounts at all network Hospitals/Diagnostic centers/Pharmacies/Clinics/Consultations etc will only be given on the presentation of the original card at identified centers along with the presentation/submission of the copy of Govt. Identity Proof of the cardholder/member.

4. No Discounts on Health Packages/Certain tests/procedures etc which is not in the scope of the tie-up with the network centers.

5. Discounts are applicable as per the details given in the APP-Jain relief foundation(Android/IOS), Web-www.jrf.org.in, and the centers and terms can change or new centers added which will be updated/informed from time to time to all the members through SMS/Whatsapp or in the website or APP.

6. This card is non-transferable.

7. I declare that I am a follower of Jain Principles and reside at the address mentioned in my application form. I further declare that the mentioned facts are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and do not have any false declarations. And if it is found incorrect, I authorize JRF to cancel my membership without any liabilities.
I accept all the rules and regulations of JRF from time to time related to society.

8. Terms & Conditions Apply. Subject to Hyderabad jurisdiction only.


Jain Relief Foundation

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